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Mike van Graan is currently a Richard von Weizsaecker Fellow of the Robert Bosch Academy in Berlin. He is a playwright, and most recently served as the Executive Director of the African Arts Institute. He was the founding Secretary General of Arterial Network, a civil society network of artists, activists and creative enterprises engaged in the African creative sector and its contribution to human rights, democracy and development on the continent. Currently, he also serves as a Technical Expert to UNESCO on the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.


Who needs Model-C schools to teach us The ruling party has no moral compass When they regularly declare wrong right When everyday they make black the white They said they would rid us of   In Biology Model ANC educated … Continue reading

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Transformation and the Western Cape Theatre Industry: Proposal to Distell/Fleur du Cap (2013)

The vision Distell/Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards are committed to promoting, recognising and rewarding excellence in the theatre industry in the Western Cape to encouraging, supporting and rewarding efforts to promote transformation within the province’s theatre industry, better to reflect … Continue reading

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Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards: A Reflection (2011)

There has been much exasperation, disappointment and even anger expressed after the recent Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards affirmed white winners in all 17 categories in which the panel of 13 judges made selections.  Considering that only four of the … Continue reading

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A response to the critique that “all the black characters die” in When Swallows Cry and the pessimistic messages that this conveys

Introduction As the creative team of WHEN SWALLOWS CRY which premiered at the Market Theatre in January this year, we were overwhelmed by the generous and moving responses to the play.  However, there were some who – even though they … Continue reading

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White Paper on Arts, Culture and Heritage 2016, A Critique

INTRODUCTION The Revised White Paper on Arts, Culture and Heritage made public in November 2016 is an improvement on previous editions of this policy position paper.  Inputs by members of the Reference Panel as well as submissions made by the … Continue reading

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The National Arts Festival Fringe as Animal Farm

Many theatre-makers on the Fringe of the National Arts Festival often wonder what they need to do to attract audiences in a highly competitive market with more than 300 productions on the Fringe alone, in addition to the Main programme’s … Continue reading

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Barbarism, Burnings and Becket 3

Beyond “decolonization”: towards an emancipatory discourse and practice. Our social media and public discourse has become increasingly polarised and polarising; there is little room for nuance, for reflection rather than point-scoring between “us” and “them”. This is the final in … Continue reading

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