Who needs Model-C schools to teach us

The ruling party has no moral compass

When they regularly declare wrong right

When everyday they make black the white

They said they would rid us of


In Biology

Model ANC educated us

Corruption flows through the arms

The submarines

The jets

The helicopters

Into the body politic


Head to foot now infected with

Cancerous greed

Red light whores

With blue light brigades

Selling their souls

And a country’s dreams

To vultures


Was it not in Maths we learned from Model ANC that

Seven-hundred-and-eighty-three charges of




Plus one man

Equals a President

Minus a conscience

Multiplying treason

Dividing a nation


It was in English

We were taught

That “fire” is a synonym for “swim”

The public purse plundered

For presidential pleasure

Pillage pardoned by a Model ANC parliament

A Public Protector pilloried

For calling the corrupt to account


Model ANC principals enlightened us in Accounting

That principles of accountability

Count for nought

Defraud parliament

Be appointed a cabinet minister

Defeat justice

Become an ambassador

Deceive a tender board

Receive a platinum handshake

Defend the Constitution

Get fired


Then in Woodwork we were instructed

By Model ANC

How to make a cabinet with


Loose screws


Not to display but

Dispense the

Family silver

Somewhere else


Model ANC tutored us in Physical Science that

The theory of relativity

Is the practice of enriching your relatives

The gravity of nepotism

Pulling us further down the

Black Hole of

Looted hopes


We learn in Geography from Model ANC teachers that



Just plane ill

Flows of riches are now

More acceptable

To Asia than Europe

To Dubai than Zurich

To Saxonwold than





Even in extra-mural activities

The football World Cup

Model ANC schooled us

To abuse public resources

Or public office for personal gain

Is practice worthy of





Who needs Model C or

Any other qualification anyway

When Model ANC has shown us

False qualifications

Fallacious CVs

Fake experience

Are sufficient

To run

The public broadcaster

State-owned companies

Government departments

Into the ground


And so we wake to another day

To be schooled by Model ANC

In yet another Masterclass of Corruption


About mikevangraan

Mike van Graan is the President of the African Cultural Policy Network (ACPN), a member of UNESCO's Technical Facility on the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions and a playwright.
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  1. Olu Alake says:

    Thanks for this Mike. We could change Model ANC to APC in Nigeria and the message of the piece wouldn’t change one iota. Which way, Afrika?

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