Transformation and the Western Cape Theatre Industry: Proposal to Distell/Fleur du Cap (2013)

The vision

Distell/Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards are committed

  1. to promoting, recognising and rewarding excellence in the theatre industry in the Western Cape
  2. to encouraging, supporting and rewarding efforts to promote transformation within the province’s theatre industry, better to reflect – at least – the province’s demographics in all aspects of professional theatre practice and
  3. to growing audiences for theatre produced in and for the Western Cape province and nationally


To this end, and, in addition to the Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards that recognise excellence in various categories, Fleur du Cap invites Western Cape theatres, theatre companies and festivals that produce professional, mainstream theatre eligible for the Fleur du Cap theatre awards to undertake programmes to transform the demographics of all aspects of theatre practice in the Western Cape region.


Each year, at the Awards, Distell/Fleur du Cap will make awards – first, second and third prizes – to companies, theatres, festivals, etc that best promote the goals of transformation, aware that transformation and development strategies often require resources that are not generally available.

This award, to be known as the (Name) Award will take the following into consideration, with companies invited to submit monthly – or annual reports to FDC detailing the following:

  1. the number of roles in theatre productions in that month/year produced by the theatre, and the number of people of colour: male leads, female leads, male supporting actors, female supporting actors
  2. the number of roles in theatre productions by outside hirers and the number of people of colour
  3. people of colour in such positions as

3.1   directors

3.2   lighting designers

3.3   music/sound composers

3.4   set designers

3.5   costume designers

3.6   puppet designers

  1. programmes/mentorships/residencies to develop/provide opportunities for people of colour to enter and/or participate in the industry at the highest levels
  2. programmes/strategies to develop new, sustainable audiences


Proposals to be judged by the FDC panel and/or an independent panel, coordinated by an FDC judge


About mikevangraan

Mike van Graan is the President of the African Cultural Policy Network (ACPN), a member of UNESCO's Technical Facility on the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions and a playwright.
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